Own Your Own Brand...An Offer Too Good To Refuse

Most players in the Medical space today source their machines from Chinese manufacturers, and sell them in local markets. The big companies with the big orders manage to style their products to their liking, thus creating and sustaining their Brand Image. But presence of quality, service, and inventory related issues with machines sourced from China is no secret. This is where we can help!

1. Payment in Rupees !

Instead of worrying about the fluctuating values of the Dollar or the RMB, customers can now be assured of the price they pay for their purchases. Also, by declaring a Fixed Price for the next three months , you can plan your purchases without the stress of market- and economy-driven price fluctuations.

2. Service support !

Our capable and hardworking Service Engineers from our Pune head office can resolve any problems. Very soon, Support Offices and facilities will be set up at different strategic locations all over the country to provide even quicker solutions with your help.

3. All Spares available in PUNE !

As our products are fully home-developed and manufactured, all the necessary spare parts are available at our PUNE office. Thus we avoid any unnecessary and unpleasant delay that is involved in importing parts from China or any other country.

4. Better Price and Better Quality than Chinese products!

Through constant redevelopment our R&D team has managed to create machines that can be manufactured at a better quality and yet a cheaper price than their Chinese counterparts.

5. Create your own Brand!

Also, for 800+ per year orders, we are willing to redesign the look and styling of the products to your tastes, there by helping you create your own Brand! Yes, creating a Brand is now not a reality for the multinationals alone. We are providing that option locally for each and every one of you dreaming to create their own unique brand.

6. Create your own small Brand!

Also, even for a single order, we will give product with your name. Providing this option locally for each and every one of you dreaming to create your own unique brand how're small.

It is a long, tempting list of promises, and it is our complete and genuine intention to keep them all. But that will be difficult without the support and understanding from you. There is a specific business arrangement that allows us to provide superior quality products at extremely reasonable pricing along with unconditional service support. For details contact sales@nasanmedical.com

Y. B. Samant
CEO-Nasan Medical Electronics Pvt Ltd