Biphasic defibrillator with multipara monitor. 7” color display with built-in printer

Fastest Charging time 6 sec on mains offers variable energy level selection

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Stress Test System

Rock steady baseline at heart rate more than 180 with full frequency response of 0.05 Hz. to 150 Hz.

Accurate computation of ST levels, assuring excellent correlation with angiography.

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Digital Holter

Stores 3 channels ECG data of 24 hours with 10, 20, 30 & 60 minutes disclosure.

Records & enables classification, analysis, review and reports of ECG, arrhythmic disorders.

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ECG Machines

DSP based Single / three Channel ECG Machine offers Rock Steady Base Line

Compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use with Feather touch key operation

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Multipara Monitors

High-resolution Colour TFT display with Graphical & tabular trends.

Portable and easy to use, Available in 7” and 12.1” Color TFT Screen Size

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PFT Machine

PC based PFT machine for evaluating constrictive and restrictive pulmonary diseases.

Supports pre and post medication testing with elaborate measurements.

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