Digital Holter (3/12ch)

Digital Holter (3/12ch)


Hardware Problems - Solutions List

  • ECG traces are flat or full of noise
    1. Solution :On PCB 10002(Amplifier Board);Check ECPU105 (Check on multi-meter whether they are shorted)capacitor (ident IC31, IC32, IC33), if faulty replace it.

      Details :Refer Image 1

    2. Solution :On PCB 10002 (Amplifier Board);Check diodes (Check on multi-meter whether it is shorted)1n4148 (ident ID7, ID8, ID9, ID10), if faulty replace it.

      Details :Refer Image 1

  • 24 hours recording is not completed
    1. Solution :On PCB 14005 (CPU Board) Change SD card - 4 gb SD card - Sandisk make.

      Details :Refer Image 2

  • When is recording mode, after pressing 'Start' it does not start recording
    1. Solution :On PCB 14005 (CPU Board) Change SD card - 4 gb SD card - Sandisk make.

      Details :Refer Image 2

  • ECG traces are flat
    1. Solution :On PCB 14005 (CPU board) Check +3.3v on (ident U16) w.r.t gnd. Check on multimeter, Put the Red probe in pin no 1 and black probe in pin no 5 and Check -3.3v on (ident U16) w.r.t gnd.Put the Red probe in pin no 3 and black probe in pin no 6.
      1. If -3.3v is not coming check Capacitor SMD TANTALUM 10uF/16V ACASE (ident C37, C38, C29, C40), if faulty replace them (Check on multi-meter whether they are shorted).
      2.If the capacitors are not faulty, then change SMD IC ADM 660 (ident U12).
      3. If +3.3v is not coming then check SMD IC MAX1676 (ident U11), if faulty, replace it.

      Details :Refer Image 2
      1. Refer Image 2 and Refer Image 3
      2. Refer Image 2
      3. Refer Image 3

  • Communication problem
    1. Solution :On PCB 14005 (CPU board) FTDI IC (ident U3) touch up.

      Details :Refer Image 3

  • Software Problems - Solutions List

  • On print out, the lines separating the gird (1 cm - 5 grids) do not appear
    1. Solution :Check printer resolution(it should be 300 dpi) from printer properties.Change the printer resolution to 300 dpi and take printout. If printer resolution is not editable then use Graph paper. While giving printout from holter software select "No grid" option for Graph paper.

  • Grid is for how many seconds, How many squares make one second.
    1. Solution :The grid interval on printout and on the screen is 1cm. 2.5 cm makes one second.

  • HR of 65 bpm should not be labeled as bradychardia and HR above 100 bpm should be labeled as tachycardia.
    1. Solution :Arrhythmia page contains 8 sec ECG data of all channels; HR displayed on arrhythmia page is HR of end of page.

    2. Solution :Detected arrhythmia is displayed in red color and can be reviewed from one minute page.

    3. Solution :Go to template page sort or check the NOISE, PVC and ECG template. Analyze it again then view from Arrhythmia page.

  • If the analysis done is not satisfactory then following problem may occur- “When you go to ‘MAX’ or ‘MIN’ HR page, suppose the HR displayed is 185. The HR of 185 does not confirm to the actual HR on that page as per the ECG data displayed. If you press 'Bit Count', the HR changes to 141”.
    1. Solution :Press the “Reanalyze test” button.

    2. Solution :On beat selection panel select such channel for analysis which is has the biggest amplitude.

    3. Solution :Use gain button on beat selection panel page to increase the amplitude of selected channel. Press “Start analysis” button to start the classification process.

    4. Solution :By pressing “bit count” button on one minute page software calculate HR, based on actual bit in that minute."HR displayed on one minute page and HR calculation by “bit count” button on one minute page is different"

  • In View ECG when heart rate is calculated by RR interval tool and by grid it is grossly different
    1. Solution :‘Mark R-R interval’ button on minute page is used to Mark R-R interval. Calculated HR will be displayed on one min page.

    2. Solution :Grid on screen is calculated from screen resolution and screen dimension and Grid on paper is calculated from printer resolution and paper dimension.

    3. Solution :In our holter software screen size is fixed and nowadays monitor size is changing so do not compare the 'No. of Boxes' between two 'R' waves on paper and on screen.

  • How to mark Noisy data?
    1. Solution :After downloading data, Mark the noisy data on template page and analyze the data. Noisy minute will be excluded from analysis. From review page mark the noise page and reanalyze the data again.

  • Cannot take a printout with Grid from the Holter S/W.
    1. Solution :Go to Configure-->Printing details—>Select grid style, as per selection report will be printed.

    2. Solution :To take printout of any report from holter software, first mark the page. The marked page will be available for printing.

  • Data is not downloaded.
    1. Solution :FDTI driver installation is incomplete, refer user manual for driver installation.

    2. Solution :USB cable connecting Unit and PC is faulty or loose.