Reliable series of a biphasic defibrillator with a multipara monitor offers Offers variable energy level selection, 2 to 200 Joules with the fastest charging time of 6 seconds (Mains)

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Stress Test

offers a rock steady baseline even at heart rate more than 180. Complying with full frequency response of 0.05 Hz. to 150 Hz. as stipulated by American Heart Association.

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Digital Holter

The 3 channel solid state Digital Holter system records and enables the classification, analysis, review and reports of electro-cardiogram, arrhythmic disorders.

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ECG Machine

DSP based ECG Machines offers rock ready baseline. The full frequency response of 0.05 to 150Hz. Compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

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ICU Monitors

Multiparameter patient monitor series with high-resolution color TFT displays available in multiple screen sizes. Best suited for critical ICU care it is portable & easy to carry.

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Blood Pressure

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